Hildon Natural Mineral Water - DELIGHTFULLY STILL - 330ml Glass / Case

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330ml - 24 Glass Bottles  


PH neutrality makes for the perfect accompaniment to food and fine wines.
The exceptional quality and well-balanced taste of Hildon Natural Mineral Water is no secret. Alongside world class sommeliers at the Institute of Masters of Wine singling us out as their preferred bottled water.

Mineral Analysis:
Total dissolved solids (TDS) – 332mg/L
pH (as bottled) – 7.9
Naturally low in sodium – Yes (suitable for a low sodium diet)

Mineral Composition: Aluminium – <0.02 mg/L
Calcium – 100 mg/L
Magnesium – 1.7 mg/L
Sodium – 8 mg/L
Chloride – 15 mg/L
Fluoride – <0.82 mg/L
Sulphate – 8.3 mg/L
Copper – <0.002 mg/L
Iron – <0.02 mg/L

While it is natural for water to contain a small amount of sodium, at only 7.7mg/1, the sodium content in Hildon Natural Mineral Water is lower than most bottled waters.

Hildon is the only bottled water to win the Restaurant Magazine Award for seven consecutive years.

Hildon Natural Mineral Water has accumulated an enviable reputation across the culinary industry for superbly complementing an array of fine foods. In the words of Serena Sutcliffe, Head of Sotheby's International Wine Department and Master of Wine: "You need pure, neutral water, with no perceptible smell, saltiness or oiliness, to keep the palate fresh and clean."

Hildon Natural Mineral Water holds the prestigious Royal Warrant.